Toyota Motor Corporation

In January 2004 the Toyota Customer Assistance Center in Aichi, Japan underwent a large-scale overhaul. One of the changes was to introduce a multi-monitor setup for each customer service agent consisting of three 17-inch EIZO monitors.

Reasons for Choosing EIZO

Toyota’s selection criterion was that the monitors’ image display closely resembles a catalog so that workers could accurately answer inquiries from customers. Eight years later, Toyota gave EIZO high marks after experiencing no problems with the image quality and replaced all its monitors with EIZO monitors when it relocated its customer assistance center in 2013.

At the same time, customer service staff must at the same time see a variety of information sources such as brochures, product information, and frequently asked questions, and also record the inquiries. The three-monitor solution is therefore a great help for fast and accurate customer support.

The stand of the EIZO monitors is very mobile, so that the screens can always be positioned at the correct angle and the correct height. The distinction between the many different car body colors on the screen is a big challenge in the white and silver area. Since the monitors allow detailed color settings, however, the colors can be distinguished without problems. This faithfulness to detail, which is not revealed by the pure study of the data sheets of the monitors, increases their usefulness all the more.

In addition to the long lifetime of the high-quality EIZO monitors, another advantage is the considerably reduced energy consumption, which has made this extensive new installation possible. This significantly reduced energy and operating costs.

Monitor de alta calidad y fiabilidad para uso de oficina y oficina en casa.

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El monitor FlexScan para la oficina constituye el núcleo de la amplia gama de productos EIZO.

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